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Oliver Koppert is a British voice-over actor from North East England - noted for his friendly, knowledgeable & genuine personas.

He has voiced radio campaigns in the UK for The NHS & Yorkshire Water, as well as voicing for Oracle Corporation & Oxford University Press to name a few.

Oliver is also a strong character actor & appears in such video games as Tainted Grail & Digital Extremes' critically acclaimed Warframe.

He offers consistent performances recorded from his home studio or on location. Oliver has been either behind the mic or the mixing desk for over 20 years, delivering a professional, hassle-free service, with a quick turnaround.

"I love acting; there is something so incredibly gratifying about playing different roles, while putting my life experience & emotions into each performance.
Contact me to find out more information about how we can start working together today."


I offer remote direction via:
Zoom - ipDTL - Source Connect - Skype - Phone - BodalgoCall

(805) 624 2244

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"Oliver is an absolute pro! He responds well to direction and performs with enthusiasm"

Douglas Atkinson -
industrial Zen LLC



Sir Yvain - King Arthur: A Knight's Tale

I'm very happy to finally announce that I voice Sir Yvain in NeoCore Games' King Arthur: Knight's Tale.
It was so much fun to play one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite stories as a child in this brilliant Tactical RPG reimagining of the tale of King Arthur.


New Client - Barclays

I'm grateful to be able add a new client to my ever-growing list, UK banking giants, Barclays


New Client - Lexia Learning

It is my pleasure to welcome my new client Lexia Learning into the fold!
I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the Lexia team, helping children to learn English. And I must say, I've also learned a thing or two about my own language in the process!


Tainted Grail: Conquest released!

Tainted Grail: Conquest finally released on last month. You can hear me as one of the main camp NPCs "The Candlemaker" as well as scores of others you'll find, tainted, out in the weirdness!
You can purchase the game on Steam with the link below.


Covid-19 NHS Radio Campaign

I had the honor of voicing a radio ad campaign for the illustrious NHS to provide awareness for the Covid-19 virus.



This is Inspector Haynes who works tirelessly to track down the vigilantes and ruthless crime gangs that run rampant in his city, in the semi-dystopian future of The Sedisverse.
This week I completed recording Haynes for season one of The Sedisverse, & it’s been one hell of a ride!
I can’t wait to see Haynes & everyone else brought to life when it’s complete!



I'm proud to have recorded multiple voiceovers for my water supplier for over 30 years - Yorkshire Water. Including internal, external communications including a regional radio campaign.
You can view a performance review on YouTube with the link below.



Tenno, I desperately need your help! The corpus have captured me & I don't think I'm built for torture! Please, you have to rescue me in Warframe's latest update - Deadlock Protocol.
I voice the Solarian Captive who you will encounter needing your aid throughout missions on the new corpus tile-set & I am also the captive who gets vaporised in the main DP quest!
I have to say this is a dream come true, as this is one of my favorite games & the first game I ever streamed! You can play for free on most consoles & PC! You can follow the link & play now for free.


TAINTED GRAIL: The Fall of Avalon

You'll be able to hear me amongst others in
Awaken Realms Tainted Grail digital game. You can get a digital key for $15, or for free with any of the core box tiers.
Or you can add it to your wishlist on steam. The game goes into Early Access June 18th

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